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Special Biofloc Aeration Tube - AirOxi XTRA (25 x 13 mm ) 10 mtr

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Specially desgined for biofloc, AirOxi XTRA - it gives good water movement and the slightly bigger micro holes need much lesser maintenance and cleaning than regular tube, even in high floc tanks. AirOxi XTRA has rougher surface finish and bigger bubbles, but due to the floc in biofloc aquaculture, the bubbles break up very quickly and provide high dissolved oxygen. The additional benefit is that it provides much higher water movement than other aeration tubes.

The product is suitable for both root blower and ring blower

These properties make it the product of choice for many Biofloc consultants.

The size is 25 mm x 13 mm - and you can use regular 16 mm fittings with it. It can also be used with the AirOxi Spider. To buy AirOxi Spider with AirOxi XTRA .

Calculate the need for AirOxi XTRA from the reference guide here:

120 LPM Air pump - 4 mtr

1 HP Ring Blower - single stage - 15 mtr

1 HP Ring Blower - two stage -  18 mtr

Rooth Blower per 1 HP - 22 mtr